Welcome to the home of The Breastplate, the official school magazine of the former St. Patrick’s (Boys’) Academy, Dungannon. Whilst no longer published, it stands as an important historical document in the history of Dungannon, Tyrone, Ulster and Ireland.

For this reason its contents, articles, poems pictures and graphics deserve to be preserved and be accessible on a site such as this, rather than be discarded into a dusty cupboard and forgotten about, or dumped into a recycling skip.

Through the doors of the old Academy passed many young men from Dungannon and surrounding parishes. Many years later those young men would take up key positions in business, education, politics, the priesthood, law etc. in Ireland and throughout the world.

If you are an old boy of the time, please do get in touch. While the Boys’ Academy may be no more, ‘old boys’ are still out there putting into their everyday lifestyles the skills, faith and education they discovered at St. Patrick’s Boys’ Academy, Dungannon.

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